A Beautiful Bond

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When I started going to comedy clubs regularly, one of the first things I noticed was everyone knew each other and not like “oh, I just know who that guy is”. No, they spend pretty much every day together. They all go to the same clubs and open mics all over town. Some of them have been doing this for a long time, so naturally they  get to know one another pretty well. There are some cliques kind of like high school except here the comic book nerd rules. Being married with kids, I am the outcast in the comedy scene.

It’s a very diverse gang. It actually thrives on diversity. Too much of the same thing is terrible. By definition, it’s hack. So you have people of all ages from all over the world with completely different backgrounds. The one thing we all share in common is being a comedian and there is a special bond between us. Comics will go to great lengths to defend other comics (while taking every chance for a cheap shot) and when one of us is in need of some help, the others don’t hesitate to lend whatever they can.

Last year, there was a shooting at a movie theater in Colorado. In that theater was a young comic who was shot and if memory serves me correctly, he didn’t have insurance and his wife was pregnant. A week later, I was doing a benefit show in Tacoma, WA with 30 other comics. None of us had ever even heard of this guy till he was shot yet here we were trying to raise money for him and his family.

There were many shows held for him all over the country that week. That is how real this bond is. Thicker than blood. Brothers and sisters everywhere fighting for each other even if we’ve never met. I know that sounds corny and I am sure that every comic who read that just threw up a little, but it’s true. You don’t always see it. Like family, we bicker, we fight and we talk A LOT of shit. But when shit gets real, people are pretty quick to jump in.

Another thing is how much they help each other with actually writing jokes. Some comics get together a lot and bounce ideas off each other. I love it when another comic has a tag line for one of my jokes. As long as it is funny, at least. I always take it as a compliment though. If anything, it just means they were listening. If you have ever been to a mic with 20+ comics, you know how rare that can be.

It’s not all benefit shows and tag lines. These are people you work with and some people you work with are just assholes just like in any other profession. But from a pure numbers standpoint, there are far more people in comedy that I enjoy working with than any other job I’ve ever had. It is beautiful.